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Friday, November 7, 2014

Sachin Tendulkar - Writing An Autobiography, Fantasy Cricket

sachin tendulkar - writing an autobiography

Sachin is god of Cricket, he has worldwide followers and  2,45,71,732 likes on his Facebook fan page, its really amazing to know this figure when compared to any other sports personality. Playing it my way is an autobiography by Master Sachin Tendulkar, which he intends to share his journey right from his initial days to the recent ones.

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The initial 100 or somewhere in the vicinity pages that depicted Sachin's youth structured the best piece of the book. You would snicker, grin, get stunned and amazed. You will find that Sachin was, in many ways, the same cricket adoring child you were and will have the capacity to identify with a significant number of his mischief, ideas and musings.

However the fun closes alongside those parts. Whatever remains of the book is a like an analysis of his matches. Practically all the matches have been incorporated. It will revive your memories of Sachin's batting, and you will remember a portion of the matches you may have overlooked.

However for a Sachin fan that would have absolutely emulated the majority of his vocation and would have the greater part of his matches solid in his memory, this is gives little solace. You expect more from Sachin than simply outline of his matches.

Like the majority of the books on Sachin, this one excessively passes up a great opportunity for some of his famous ODI innings. The 200 against SA is simply brushed upon in discourse. The 175 VS Australia is not in any case said. Center is all the more on tests and less on Odis.

The book likewise does give some changing area babble that Indian general fan dependably anticipates, however in simply the unobtrusive sum. Solid perspectives on Chappel, the 194 announcement by Dravid, some of his beliefs and some amazing cricketers Sachin regards, these give little treats to the perused.
While some may skim through pages, this book gives some extraordinary understanding in the matter of how Sachin used to get ready against a few bowlers. How he used to conform amid troublesome times.

Playing It My Way - My Autobiography
Book Details
  • 497 pages
Author  Sachin Tendulkar
Language  English
Publication Year  2014

Verified Buyers Review:
Cricket is Religion.. Sachin is God
I usually don't read books but have pre ordered this one.. 'cos I am proud to be part of a generation where :

- We drank and ate boost just because GOD said boost is the secret of his energy
- Switched off television the moment GOD got out.. doesn't matter what others players do
- Chanted Saaaachin Saaaachin standing in front of the television every time GOD went out to bat
- We had tears during GOD's farewell speech
- We prayed for GOD's success
- We imitated the way GOD spoke, played his shots and most importantly his stance

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