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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advantages Of Cloud Computing - Microsoft Cloud | Harsha Rev

advantages of cloud computing - microsoft cloud

Cloud Storage services have become incredibly popular over the years and especially now with all the latest gadgets making use of them they allow you to store your data like pictures music documents and more up in the crowd over the internet this not only lets you free up space in the computer but and also allows you to have easy access if that data from other computers or a mobile devices like yours smartphone tablet you can also added that it backed up and secure it just in case your hard drive crashes and they will keep your precious pictures and videos and other day encrypt it in safe from loss or theft.

The advantages and disadvantages. Why you should embrace the cloud and why you really need to be careful.

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To start off, the answer that age old question of what exactly is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is highly automated information technology services similar to the way automobile manufacturers adopted the assembly line in the early 20th Century. Companies today are adopting cloud computing as a more efficient and agile way of building their information technology platforms. Cloud computing delivers-Self-service compute. Self-service networking. Self-service storage. Customer relationship management. Big data analytics.

Cloud computing is really about hardware and software capability delivered to you virtually to any device. Cloud computing enables revolutionary business models that are dramatically changing the nature of society and commerce. See a movie with Netflix. Did you know that Netflix runs on top of Amazon? Amazon Web Services actually provides the computer servers and data storage as Infrastructure-as-a-Service to Netflix. That way Netflix doesn't need to spend its hard earned profit building a global content delivery infrastructure itself. Cloud computing is "Just in Time" IT For example, if your company needs to ramp up customer service for the holidays, it could order up a Chat Cloud Service for the next three months and then turn it off in January. Efficient, effective and much cheaper than building your own online co
ntact center.

Cloud computing relies on the over allocation of shared resources. This is an economic model that depends on a hugely scalable IT platform to dramatically reduce the cost of provisioning, operating and de-provisioning IT resources. In fact, the marginal cost of spinning up a virtual server in the cloud is essentially zero. So what is not cloud computing so it is definitely not just a new name for mainframe timeshares from the 60s It's much faster. Much cheaper, much more reliable, much more flexible.And much, much more available. It's not just another name for outsourcing either. With cloud computing, you buy what the cloud service provider, or CSP, offers, just like you buy a dress off the rack.

There is no room for customization unless you want to incur additional cost.You don't design the core infrastructure, the CSP does. You don't pick the applications, the CSP does. You don't pick the hardware, the CSP does. It's definitely not just the Internet. The Internet is connectivity to the bewildering number and variety of cloud based resources.And cloud computing is not up in the sky. It is made up of real datacenters, and real hardware and real software with real people firmly rooted to the real Earth. So why should you care? Well, you're competition will beat you using cloud. That's how Netflix beat Blockbuster out of existence. You will lose money if you don't use the cloud If you don't think you can do it, someone else is already doing it using the cloud Also, you and you're corporation's digital personal resides in the cloud. In today's world, your digital self is rapidly becoming more important than your physical self.

Cloud computing is important because this single marketplace is expected to exceed $127B by 2017 45% of all businesses say they already do, or plan, to run their business from the cloud.Software-as-a-Service, a major cloud service model, has been adopted by 74% of all businesses So why is this any good? It's good because cloud computing is -Very cost efficient. It provides access to almost unlimited storage. Cloud makes backup and disaster recovery much easier. It also enables automatic software integration. Easy access to information from anywhere. And quick deployment of hardware and software assets. So what should you worry about? Well, this is advanced technology run by mortal humans and both do fail occasionally. Also security which you are sharing the cloud with others so you must be jealously protect your information assets. The awesome cloud computing capabilities that are being delivered to you are also being delivered to the hackers and they use it to attack your system.

The effective and safe use of cloud requires real knowledge. If you don't get that education, it will end of you chance to enter next level of storage, so you need to be able to identify & resolve the security issues specific to public & private clouds. You need to know how to translate the cyber security steps you have already taken to the Cloud. You need to know what questions to ask your Cloud Service Provider. You have only just scratched the surface of what Cloud Computing can & can't do.

Top 5 Cloud Storage Services to Store Your Data Online


dropboxIt is the most commonly used cloud storage service right now due to its incredibly easy to use software and applications you just drop the file jeered dropbox folder and it automatically sinks to the crowd and all of your other devices that you have connect to it you get free to start with there are also different options if you need more space than that for example you get 100 gigabytes for $99/month.
Another reason dropbox became so universally used is it supports for so many different platforms you can still use dropbox on windows also your console dropbox on windows mac, tablet or i'd pod touch

Apple iCloud:

Apple site cloud this is most likely your best choice if your imac colorado s user though it was someone does too you get 5GB free space when you sign up and you can get in extra 55 for 100 GB/year it is great for adequate backing up your iphones, contacts, itunes, music and photos
It is a slightly difficult to learn it first and doesn't support all file types.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon's cloud drive which offers 5GB free space (200GB for $100/year)
it has a fast and clean interface which is easy to use and offers some music and video client capabilities, but it does not offer backup features or privacy guarantees which is basically a pure online storage cloud.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft has created a simple use clean interface that supports with 7GB of free space and (100GB for $50/year) automatic sync folders on multiple PC's fetch files from different computers.
It's a great service but it is mainly for your own personal files there's no real support for multiple user collaboration.

Just Cloud

Just Cloud is great option for those who have lot to backup it offers unlimited storage space you get fourteen days for free and $6.95/month, automatic device syncronization
You can automatically sync the files of your choice between many tablets, desktops, laptops and phones as you want.

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