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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How To Download Free Apps On Android | Citizen Reviews

Do You use 2G for internet, then here is an good news as you can get Facebook Lite which is for an android app. Majority of mobile phones still access internet through 2G or second generation, so keeping in mind of slower speed Facebook has brought their 'Lite' version and they need to concentrate on emerging markets like India, where very less people have access to high end smartphones or 3G connections.

what is 2g

2G uses technology Time Division Multiple Access, signals are divided it different time slots.  This is cost effective for ISP’s who have to pay lesser when compared to 3G networks, also with lesser maintenance and construction. Data transmission with 2G is below 50,000 bits/sec when compared to 3G which is higher than 4 million bits/sec. Second generation transmits info through signals. Frequency of 2G uses upper and lower bands, by which transmission depends on climatic conditions like weather. Downloading and uploading speed is limited to 236 Kbps where as in 3G it can be up to 21 Mbps – 5.7Mbps.
This app is already available in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. (

As per the latest update app is available in Ghana, this is after its launch in Zambia and Kenya in association with Airtel, now they can get access to websites and most of health, education service free.
Who they are - is a worldwide organization between innovations pioneers, not-for-profits, nearby groups and specialists who are cooperating to bring the Internet to the two thirds of the world's populace that doesn't have it.

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