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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Adultery Paulo - Paulo Coelho Books PDF | Citizen Reviews

adultery paulo - paulo coelho books pdf
Paulo Coelho's latest novel Adultery is an best selling and the author is from Brazil. This is his sixteenth best book, which touches the theme of Adultery, originally this was written in Coelho's native language, Portugese. 

The Portuguese edition was released on 10th April 2014. English edition was published by Knopf and released on 19th August, 2014.
Intro to story:
A women in her thirties begins to question the routine and predictability of her days. But in everybody's eyes she has perfect life, which means solid and stable marriage, caring and loving husband, well mannered children. 
Job of an journalist which she cannot complain about. However, she can no longer bear the necessary effort to fake happiness when all she feels in life is different. Then sudden changes start when she meets her ex-boyfriend from her earlier school days.


Jacob is now an successful politician and during an interview, he ends up arousing something in her she has not felt for long time. She will now do anything to conquer that impossible love, and will have to go down to the pit of human emotions to find herself emotionally satisfied.
This novel has excellent reader reviews in Brazil.

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