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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

English To Hindi Dictionary - Free Online Dictionary

english to hindi dictionary - free online dictionary
Oxford English English Hindi Dictionary - 1s Edition is an dictionary by Dr.S.Kumar, Dr.R.N.Sahai.
This book is an must for all the students who need ready to refer and find quick meanings, this has good insight by various words the length covered in 1395 pages, published by Oxford University Press. Shabdakosh itself means dictionary, so likewise if you are looking for various words with exact meanings this book will definitely help you and your children in school for quick reference. If you have to translate an famous quote by Michael Jordan "I have failed over and over again in my life. And that's why I succed" in
Hindi "“मैं अपने जीवन में बार बार असफल रहा हूं. और मैं इसी कारण से सफल होता हूं.” so there are many powerful words sentences which need to be understood.
In your day to day life you come across various conversations right from "chaiwala" to your reporting manager and use various words but are you using the right and effective words to influence the other person ?

Oxford English - Hindi Dictionaryby Dr R.N. Sahai (Author), Dr S. Kumar (Author)
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This is beautiful dictionary for those study in Hindi medium. Content is excellent; Meaning in Hindi is excellent and English to English meaning add most value in it. Example sentences are very helpful.good binding quality. Paper quality is good. Very distinct visibility of the words . This will really help everyone who eagerly wants to learn and develop their English. Everyone those are studying in Hindi medium must get one.

Communication is very important and when used effective you can be benefited out of it. Understand right words and phrases to use it effectively. Communication with right words in right time matters most, so this dictionary helps you to improve your basic and in-depth understanding of language by easy translation.
This Dictionary is powered with good illustrations in English also in Hindi.

Click Here for an FREE online English to Hindi Dictionary for your ready reference.

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