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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Manorama Latest News - Manorama Yearbook | Books

manorama latest news - manarama yearbook

Manorama Yearbook 2015 Release Date

The Manorama Yearbook is just fantastic, as expected, with loads of new things to read and learn from diverse areas. A must have general knowledge book for those who are preparing for any competitive exam.This book is very useful as it includes all current affairs. Though there are many ads but you can't complain as this book is delivered affordable price, so never to complain on ads included in between the pages.This book is quite handy and can be read while you are travelling train or bus. Thus providing an added advantage.The language is quite easy to understand. 
Good paper quality, legible font size, very good binding, compact size and colourful pictures are just some of the features of the 50th edition of Manorama Yearbook. This is the first Manorama Yearbook that this book has met the product description and readers expectations.

India Yearbook 2015 Release Date

Manorama Yearbook is commending its 50th year of distribution. The biggest offering with very good learning and General Knowledge abstract is one of the best and stands amongst the most referred books read by  students, instructors, scientists, media persons, organizers, common man much the same, covers a wide-range of themes from Science, Nature's domain, IT, Writing, Diversion, History, Topography, Nation, Morals, Social Equity, Global Relations, Current Undertakings and Games. The 1040 page Manorama Yearbook is a fortune and treasure of information and details which is much looked after by students planning for different focused exams going from Civil Services, Banks, Railways, UPSC, PSC examinations in India.

With the 50th Commemoration Release they have a Free Britannica Reference book, a set of 7 Ebooks, each one offering 100 compelling identities. It additionally covers great articles on famous individuals like APJ Kalam, Shashi Tharoor, Jayant V Narlikar, Nirupama Rao, Kiran Bedi and numerous others. Also, a 1000 Test Bonanza on 50 different points to excite Quizzers, on the world over.

About Author: Mammen Mathew is Chief Editor and MD of Malayala Manorama. He is first son of K.M.Mathew, who was then Chief Editor of Malayala Manorama until 01/08/2010. Mammen has forty four of experience in publication.

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