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Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature

Are You ready for the latest update for your Smartphone. Latest technologies in mobile phones an familiar Android application Whatsapp is ready to launch its voice calling feature, if succeeds then it has one more feather in its cap, as this tools will let its users to call each other and has more user base in India after USA. Selected group (which is only for invite only) is allowed to run its voice calling feature.  Pradnesh Patil has reported this on his post titled "WhatsApp introduces and starts rolling out calling feature".

As per latest news pradnesh07 of his Reddit profile has shared some of its looks and how it works, later it appears that this feature is only downloadable from its website but not the Google Playstore and not from any other sources which is available over net.

video credits: Pradnesh Patil

This feature works when the person having its call feature will choose to call among his Whatsapp contacts. 
Pradnesh has made a video on YouTube and informed the viewers to share it rather troubling him for an invite request, as the news reaches millions it will be very difficult to share or even invite them. His remarks were “There is no use asking me for invites right now, I don’t know how this invite thing works exactly”.

This function has worked on his Nexus 5 with operating system Android Lollipop. Where Patil informs that screens would be completely different for voice call and will not be one click for message, with storing of call logs. Whatsapp latest version 2.11.508 includes the voice call function, which can be downloaded only through its website, through which it becomes necessary for millions of its users to have upgrade .apk file, and wait until this is available on Play store.

During last December the team had informed that they will be rolling out calling feature across the countries where it has most user base, with some of its images already available on net. But due to technical issues its launch can be expected only in March. 2015.
With the entry of voice call it will be competing with Line, WeChat and Viber which has already introduced the voice facility in the market, but when it comes to users Whatsapp is still leading because it has user of seven hundred million by the end of Jan, 2015.

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